Data Analyst
March 27, 1998

About Candidate

I’m someone that has always been interested in transforming data into useful information that can be used to reveal valuable insights and generate profits. I first became interested in data analytics during my undergraduate years where I was introduced to its fundamental concepts using excel to make simple visualizations with data. This sparked a genuine interest in the field leading me to dive deeper and ultimately lead me to pursue a Master’s in Information Systems with a Data Analytics Concentration. Alongside my Master’s Degree, I earned a Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. My early interest in data analytics led me to proactively expand my skill set learning various data analysis tools since I am genuinely passionate about continually enhancing my capabilities in this field. My educational foundation in data analytics, as well as proficiency in tools like Excel, R, Tableau and SQL, equip me with the necessary skills to excel in any analyst roles.



Master's Degree 2020-2022
Baruch College

Information Systems with Concentration in Data Analytics 3.94/4.0 GPA

Bachelor's in Business Administration 2016-2020
Baruch College

Finance Major Real Estate and Political Science Minor 3.7/4.0 GPA

Work & Experience

Business Analyst Intern June 2019 - August 2019
Acurity, Inc.

•Assisted the strategic contracting services division by drafting request for proposals (RFPs) for our clients’ specific business lines including surgical services, imaging, and cardiology departments •Drafted vendor checklists for 11 business lines to realize financial opportunities such as potential discounts / value-add opportunities resulting in the identification of more competitive suppliers •Collaborated with the Director of Purchased Services to collect a central repository of over 20 RFPs which streamlined the creation of more effective RFPs with improved policy terms •Optimized the process of creating RFPs by utilizing vendor checklists and reducing extensive supplier background research time which resulted in the enhancement of future RFP drafting processes by 10%

Communications Liaison July 2018 - August 2018
New York Presbyterian Hospital

•Responded to general inquiries by phone and quickly redirected up to 50 calls daily to appropriate staff •Coordinated weekly work schedules for more than 25 interns / volunteers for departments including radiology, neurology, and cardiology by compiling data into spreadsheets to create work schedules •Managed fundraising events and provided support for event coordinators to create more efficient health care events •Facilitated communication between interns / volunteers and department managers across the business and medical departments which resulted in 20% more accurate payment records