Senior Technical Writer
October 6, 1987

About Candidate

A senior technical writer with over 5 years of experience creating user documentation, online help, and instructional materials for various software applications. Proficient in using a wide range of authoring tools, platforms, and style guides. Skilled in project management, team leadership, and cross-functional collaboration to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality documentation. Strong communicator with a proven track record of effectively translating complex technical concepts into clear and concise language for diverse audiences.



MBA 2011
St. Francis Institute Of Management and Research

Management Studies

Work & Experience

Senior Technical Writer 1/11/2021
BrowserStack Software. Pvt. Ltd

* Developed high-quality, rich technical content in easy-to-understand, clear, and simple language. * Worked with the design, product, and engineering teams to create documentation for all BrowserStack products. * Translated technical content requirements into a roadmap and drove the execution from initiation. * Setting up the IDEs and debugging code. * Worked with SMEs to develop educational content, assignments, assessments, exercises, and MCQs. * Simulate user behavior in the courses. * Upload, modify, and maintain the quality of course content.

Technical Content Writer 1/03/2020 - 29/10/2021
Contentstack Pvt. Ltd.

* Developed and curated feature documentation. * Providing crisp and clear content with appropriate steps and examples. * Creating and updating API documentation for the CMS product. Mention clear details about the different API requests made across Contentstack. * Writing engaging blogs that highlight new updates to Contentstack and provide real-world scenarios to explain the same. * Creating pre-release and post-release email content for the different clients of Contentstack. * Creating or updating error messages for Contentstack’s UI and API. * Creating comprehensive how-to guides on topics such as SEO Best Practices for Contentstack-powered websites, Content Modeling Best Practices with Contentstack, and Managing Content Translation with Contentstack. * Documenting integration guides to help Contentstack integrate with several business applications. * Providing User Interface text to the developers; including naming field properties, providing clear tooltips, instruction text, and help text. * Researching and providing apt names for the upcoming features introduced within the CMS product. * Creating video scripts and strategy around steps to be displayed in feature introduction videos. * Updating and creating appropriate graphics for documentation.


Technical Writing
Project Management