May 8, 2000

About Candidate



Masters in Computer Science
Arizona State University
Bachelors in Computer Engineering
University of Mumbai

Work & Experience

Data Analyst 02/2023
Arizona State University

• Forecasted student enrolments using ARIMA and SARIMA models, achieving 94% accuracy. • Integrated diverse data sources using Tableau, facilitating insightful analysis through interactive dashboards, saving 5 hours of manual data processing. • Automated data acquisition, cleansing, and visualization processes using Alteryx, ensuring seamless retrieval of data from diverse sources and generating actionable insights.

Data Science Intern 05/2023 - 07/2023

• Delivered an 8% accuracy boost in predicting patient cravings post-recovery through hyperparameter optimization. • Expertly harnessed Google Cloud Platform's Logs Explorer, BigQuery and Dataflow to automate analysis of application logs to trim analysis time by 40%. • By integrating Pub/Sub and FCM, deployed a targeted notification system leading to a 20% surge in user engagement and synchronization rates.

Web Development Intern 06/2019 - 07/2019
Magnarevo Pvt. Ltd.

● Created and deployed a React-based website integrated with MongoDB, providing seamless interactions for a hospitality company. ● Developed and deployed an e-commerce website for marketing and selling floriculture products using Node.