Manish Sonawane

AI Modelling Professional
January 15, 1998

About Candidate

With nearly 3.8+ years of extensive industrial experience and 2.8 years dedicated to the dynamic field of Data Science, I have honed the ability to dissect complex datasets, discern trends, and translate insights into actionable strategies. My career has been defined by a relentless pursuit of leveraging data to drive critical decision-making in various industries.

In my current role as an AI Modelling Professional at Cyber Security Hive, I’ve played a pivotal role in spearheading data-driven initiatives. By collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams, I’ve facilitated an impressive 21% increase in overall operational efficiency. My expertise in Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on customer behavior data has led to an 11% boost in customer retention rates. Additionally, I contributed significantly to the development of a highly accurate Natural Language Processing (NLP) model for Document Classification, achieving a remarkable 90% accuracy improvement.

Prior to this, during my tenure as a Trainee Quality Engineer at Sipra Engineering Pvt. Ltd., I demonstrated a knack for applying deep industrial knowledge to optimize mechanical systems, aligning them with industry standards. My efforts in implementing Lean manufacturing principles resulted in a commendable 15% enhancement in operational efficiency. I also excelled in integrating mechanical designs seamlessly with electrical and software components, delivering cohesive and highly functional end products.

My educational background, including a Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, has equipped me with a solid foundation in engineering principles. I consistently strive for excellence, as evidenced by my academic performance.


Programming & ML Packages: Proficient in Python with expertise in NumPy, Pandas, Sci-Py, Scikit-learn, Seaborn, Matplotlib, and Flask.
Databases: Skilled in MySQL, encompassing command execution, CRUD operations, subqueries, window functions, and joins.
Machine Learning: Expertise in a range of techniques including Linear Regression, Ridge and Lasso Regression, Logistic Regression, k Nearest Neighbors Classifier, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Decision Tree, Random Forest, and Gradient Descent.
Text Processing: Adept in Natural Language Processing (NLP) with proficiency in NLTK, TF-IDF, Word2Vec, and Bag of Words.
Deep Learning: Well-versed in Neural Networks, ANN, CNN, DNN, Transfer Learning, Back Propagation, TensorFlow, and Keras.
Cloud & Deployment: Experienced in AWS services such as EC2 and Notebook Instance for model deployment.
I am driven by a passion for leveraging cutting-edge technologies to solve complex problems. My commitment to excellence and a results-oriented approach make me a valuable asset in any data-driven endeavor.