DevOps Engineer
July 14, 2000

About Candidate

DevOps Engineer with a proven track record in managing multiple cloud environments,
streamlining operations through automation, and optimizing application deployment with
containerization technologies. Leveraging a strong background in infrastructure as
code, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), and extensive knowledge of
cloud platforms, I am dedicated to enhancing system reliability, scalability, and
performance for agile development and seamless deployment processes



Btech 2017-2021
Guru tegh bahadur institute of technology

Work & Experience

DevOps Engineer 10/10/2022
Collegedunia Web Pvt Ltd

● Built infrastructure for a real-time bidding system on EKS. Deployed ingress-nginx-controller, Cert-manager, EFK stack, kube-prometheus-stack, and metrics-server for supporting application requirements. ● Containerized (using EKS) and Deployed application from code by writing Dockerfile and deployment files for live streaming application for Prepp. ● Built IAC code for deploying VPC, EKS, and ECS ● Implemented autoscaling of pods based on total HTTP requests using Keda with Prometheus as a trigger. ● Containerized Nodejs application using AWS ECS for hosting the docker containers from scratch. ● Migrated CI/CD pipeline of 8 Projects from GitLab to GitHub Actions. ● Implemented a solution for blocking the IP addresses blocked by a rate-based rule for a configurable time period on WAF to prevent malicious actors from reusing IP addresses to launch HTTP request floods. ● Deployments and maintenance of multiple projects ( Collegedunia, Prepp, Frizza, Kickcash, Radian, Prepp Live Class). ● Developed Lambda function code to automate retrieval and analysis (through AWS Athena) of CloudFront Logs stored in S3 buckets in Hive format

DevOps Engineer 01/09/2021 - 30/09/2022
Squareops Technologies Pvt Ltd

● Developed and maintained automated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment using Aws Code-pipeline for WordPress, Node JS, and Python deployments. ● Hands-on Experience with No-SQL databases like MongoDB ( 3 node cluster setup) & RDS ● Deployed MERN stack application with Autoscaling and HA architecture along with frontend hosted on amplifying and CI/CD using AWS Code Pipelines ● Built automated LAMP stack deployment with CI/CD pipeline on AWS using Terraform ● Wrote Docker Compose files for WordPress, a mean stack application for local development ● Proficient in writing Helm Charts for Kubernetes configuration and concepts of Kubernetes like PVC, volumes, storage classes, etc ● Integrated Prometheus & Grafana for the Kubernetes infrastructure monitoring, Alerting your alert manager and ELK for the application logging. ● I built an automation code using Terraform for AWS, GCP, Azure, and DigitalOcean which deploys networking, database, Kubernetes cluster, storage, key pairs, and Kubernetes services like (ELK-stack, Prometheus, Grafana Loki, Rancher, ArgoCD, Jenkins, Sonarqube). ● Proficient with a version control system: Git ● Proficient in writing Docker files for the containerization deployment of Python, NodeJs Application


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Employee of the quarter Award 2023