Analytics Manager
September 24, 1990

About Candidate

As an individual with 2.5 years of hands-on experience in data analytics, proficient in SQL, R, Python, and Tableau, I am well-suited for the role of Analytics Manager. In this capacity, I have the skills and expertise needed to lead data analysis initiatives, collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, and extract valuable insights from data. With my strong foundation in these tools and my proven track record, I am equipped to guide data-driven decision-making and convert raw data into actionable intelligence within the organization, I have also handled a mid size team in prior.



PGDM 2020

Business Analytics and Operations

B.Tech(Mechanical) 2013

Work & Experience

Analytics Manager 14.07.2022 - 26.12.2022

• Analyzing multiple data sets on SQL to increase the monthly revenue and commission for the vendors, and tracking the same via JIRA(Scrum). • Built a model using predictive modelling in machine learning using R which lead to 38% increase in revenue. • Worked with product team to understand revenue leakage of approx. INR 21 lakh annually and identified the route cause with various data sets. • Built revenue dashboards via Tableau to showcase India/US monthly revenue and strategize with data centric approach. • Worked with the product team on adding new features to the SAAS platform along with performing A/B testing. • Identified gaps in the operations team via audit, and developed remediation plan, resulting in 10% of revenue increase on annual basis.

Lead(Analytics) 18.02.2021 - 11.07.2022

•Responsible for project delivery and optimization of predictive model in R to achieve the objectives. •Collaborated with various cross functional teams to identify opportunities for cost saving by applying advanced data science techniques for actionable insights. •On-boarded projects to understand various data sets for optimizing the supply chain and further identifying the major bottlenecks. •Analyzing monthly dataset of total shipment in SQL to identify ways to reduce per shipment cost and hub space optimization. •Worked with application team on increasing the customer satisfaction by analyzing the user reviews. •Developed and automated dashboards for tracking and reducing the delivery time to clear pending load in various hubs within the region. •Performed analysis to understand the root cause of various breaches in delivery across all Hyderabad hubs which helped in reducing the breach by 45% and improving customer satisfaction by 24% and was recognized for this.