December 3, 1999

About Candidate

As an ambitious and committed individual with exceptional analytical abilities, my career objective is
to secure a position within an organization that aligns with my skill set. I seek to join a dynamic and growth-oriented
company that offers diverse opportunities for skill and knowledge expansion, while actively contributing to the
attainment of organizational objectives.



Mechanical Engineering 2022
The National Institute of Engineering Mysore

I completed Mechanical engineering from the National institute of engineering Mysore, class of 2022, with 7.99 CGPA. During my 4 years of college , I was given an opportunity to be a clubs member of Onyx, Robotics etc where I was able to learn much more than the 4 walls of my classroom. I also participated in various competition outside academics and awarded with amazing opportunities. I also started learning python language for my hobby where now it leads to be my most interest domain.

Data Scientist 2023
EdYoda Digital University

I am enrolled in Data Scientist Program at EdYoda Digital University which will come to an end by the September 2023. I am being taught and trained in various domains like python, libraries, sql, excel, power bi, power queries, data preprocessing, feature engineering, machine learning, natural learning processing, deep learning etc. I have (am) also work on various projects where I challenge myself every day. The prospect of developing machine learning models for equipment using time series data greatly excites me, and I am keen on deploying these models on the Google Cloud Platform.


Python, Pandas, Numpy, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Machine Learning (ML), Natural Learning Processing (NLP), Scikit-Learn, SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Excel, Power Query, Power BI.
Communication, Interpersonal skills, Collaboration, Problem solving, Critical thinking, Creativity, Adaptability.