Area Sales Manager-Corporate Salary

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Job Description

Role/ Job Title: Area Sales Manager-Corporate Salary

Function/ Department: Branch Banking

Job Purpose

This role entails strategic leadership in specific areas, focusing on direct customer engagement and targeted acquisition strategies aligned with organizational goals. Responsibilities encompass product sales, customer relationship enhancement, catchment mapping, and leveraging opportunities to acquire and deepen client relationships, ultimately contributing to organizational success in corporate salary segment.

Roles & Responsibilities

Lead and guide a team of sales managers and acquisition managers in designated areas for Salary Account acquisitionEnsure adherence to the acquisition process during daily sales calls for comprehensive market coverageOversee the activation and usage of Salary Accounts, meeting assigned activation targetsEducate and update team members on Salary Account products to maintain product knowledgePromptly address customer queries related to Salary Accounts for high satisfaction levelsOptimize team staffing to minimize attrition and ensure operational efficiencyManage operations with a customer-centric approach, focusing on Salary Account holders’ needsEvaluate growth strategies for acquiring Salary Account customers using competitor analyses and feedbackImplement process changes to enhance service quality specifically for Salary Account acquisition and servicingSupport teams by monitoring key performance parameters and providing necessary resources for achieving Salary Account acquisition targets

Education Qualification

Graduation: Any Graduate

Experience: 10 to 18 years of relevant experience