Vehicle Navigator Executive

June 7, 2024
$120000 / month
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Job Description

Executive Assistant with Navigation Expertise:

In this role, you would act as a high-level assistant to a busy executive, managing their schedule and travel arrangements.
You would leverage your navigation expertise to plan efficient routes, considering traffic conditions, appointments, and VIP preferences.
You might also use navigation tools to track the executive’s location and provide real-time updates.
Other duties could include booking flights, hotels, and reservations, managing expense reports, and preparing presentations.
2. Fleet Management Executive with Navigation Skills:

You would oversee a company’s fleet of vehicles, ensuring their efficient operation and driver safety.
You would use navigation software to track vehicle location, optimize routes for deliveries or services, and monitor driver behavior.
You might also be responsible for developing and implementing navigation protocols for the company’s drivers.
Additional duties could include managing vehicle maintenance schedules, fuel efficiency analysis, and driver training programs.
Required Skills (for both options):

Strong organizational and time management skills
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Proficient in navigation tools and software (GPS, mapping applications)
Ability to plan and prioritize tasks effectively
Familiarity with traffic patterns and routes (in specific geographic area if applicable)