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About Company

Boxfusion is a 100% South African owned, operated, and staffed software solutions company that takes pride in developing cutting-edge digital capabilities for the South African government.

All of our software solutions are focused on automating the South African government’s daily back-office functions, removing the pitfalls that come with paper-based processes, and enhancing the speed at which government services can be delivered.

Our flagship module, Smartgov for Admin, is arguably the most successful and widely-used solution for the automation of administrative processes in government, beating out international counterparts time and time again.
Boxfusion cultivates technology solutions by leveraging local talent. We foster an environment of education and empowerment and provide opportunities to young developers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

By encouraging closer communications between citizens and government, services can be delivered more efficiently, to exactly where they’re needed.
Ultimately, our mission is to enable the digital transformation of the public sector while developing and increasing the in-country ICT skills base.

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