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“Wouldn’t life be easier if video conferencing platforms had a button that let every participant speak and listen in whatever language they want?” Enter KUDO, the team bringing effortless multilingual communication to virtual or hybrid meetings and events.

At KUDO, our mission is to create a world in which everyone has the power to understand and be understood in their own language. It’s our job to empower organizations of all sizes to collaborate more efficiently, with greater inclusivity, and on an international scale.

Through our own specialized platform – or our integrations with most major video conferencing providers – KUDO allows all meeting, webinar or event participants to select their preferred language and hear and speak in this language in real-time. To power this virtual or hybrid multilingual experience, we offer two interpretation solutions:

1. Professional human interpretation
Our network of 12,000 professional interpreters can be booked on-demand via KUDO’s award-winning Interpreter Marketplace, and cover 200+ bi-directional spoken and sign languages. Depending on the type of meeting or event you are running, our team will match you with an interpreter who specializes in the subject matter and languages (including regional variants) that you need. From your chosen video conferencing platform, the voice of that interpreter will then be accessible via a drop-down Language Selector.

2. KUDO AI Speech Translator
For one-to-many communication settings like webinars, L&D, training, All Hands meetings, and international events, we also offer a speech-to-speech translation solution. Powered entirely by AI, our recently launched Speech Translator delivers real-time, multilingual captions and audio in 28+ languages (one direction only) to your video conferencing screen. No having to record your sentences then play them back one-by-one; KUDO AI will translate your voice and the voice of your listeners in real-time – in the most natural way possible.

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