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About Company

Uplers is on a mission to provide companies all over the globe with the best remote Indian talent to meet their hiring needs.

We are making an impact in the remote hiring industry by breaking the geographical boundaries and helping companies hire the best of the best without having to worry about sourcing, vetting, retention or motivation of talent.

In the past 9+ years, Uplers has grown to a family of 1000, serving 7000+ global clients in 52+ countries all across the globe. We measure our success through the people we connect with. We tackle the biggest obstacles that companies face when hiring talent to grow and scale their business by curating a pool of pre-vetted talent that offers quality and priority to our clients while we prioritise and focus on the talent they want to hire.

We are the matchmakers of the professional world. So, whether you’re a company looking for the right talent or a talent looking for the right company, we got you covered!

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